Software Solutions


What we Do?

We engineer software solutions. We pride ourselves in engineering simple solutions for complex problem domains.

Our expertise cater for the needs of small companies to large corporate organisations.


Our Approach

Agility is part of our DNA. We adopt an interactive solution development approach.

We maintain open communication with our valued clients, whom we deem to be our partners, in the solution engineering process.


Why itndesign?

We understand that a solution needs to be complementary to your business. We engineer and develop solutions to do just that. We assist organisations on their digital journey.

Core Services

Software Development

Development of solutions spanning web and desktop platforms engineered on industry best practices.

Mobile Development

Development of applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Web Design

Design and development of websites for all business types.

Process Automation

Automation of processes to reduce the time and effort required to perform tasks within your business in a predictable and visible way

Process Re-Engineering

Re-engineering of processes to help improve efficiencies, minimize time wastage.

System Integration

Linking up existing computer systems to form an integrated ecosystem affords your company to grow and leverage off the benefits of existing systems.

IT Governance

A formal framework that provides a structure for organizations to ensure that IT investments support business objectives.



In-person training, workshop facilitation, team engagement and application specific training.


Change Management

Management of change within organizations to help minimize the impact within organisations.

About Us

itndesign came into existence with a vision of bridging the gap between people and technology and thus help to address the in-effeciencies and challenges; thereby providing value to your business or organisation. We understand that technology is an evolutionary, interactive medium, which if used skilfully can greatly enhance and improve your marketing effectiveness as well as, increase the efficiency of your business operations. We offer a high degree of personal involvement and commitment to meet all the special and specific requirements of our clients. We are a progressive group of professionals who deliver world class solutions to our clients

What defines us

Enduring Partnerships

We believe in establishing and growing partnerships with our valued clients. Providing solutions goes beyond a single transaction, we establish and nuture continue support to our clients for the life of their businesses.


We are a group of professional whom are  honest and have strong moral principles, these are which guide us in all our interactions with our clients.


Open Communication

We establish open communication channels with our valued clients. We upwards manage all interactions keeping our clients updated on progress of solution development.

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